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Jackys fairy tales

Tonight we’re gonna go,
Gonna see the money flow
Hit the town and check some clubs
Where the party never stops.
I’m fully in that tight mood
Where we can get down, dude.
I’m chilling and I just think
Which will be my first drink?

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We ain't Heros

Another day another night,
And I just feel like breaking free.
Another war another fight my last goodbye,
I just wanna flee.
Just one more dream, just one more pill
That’s not the way I wane be
It brings me down, I don’t give in
I try my best, oh don’t you see.

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The Takeoff

I wanna fly across the ocean.
I wanna fly beneath the birds
I wanna fly over the mountains.
Cause flying is something that never hurts.

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Me and Sanity

There’s a man out in the streets
calls himself Mr. Sanity
he got a gun gun gun in his hand
wanna make you understand
but I’m running cross fields
shimmy shimmy through that night
Mr. Sanity is searching
I got to find that virgin

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