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Jackys fairy tales

Tonight we’re gonna go,
Gonna see the money flow
Hit the town and check some clubs
Where the party never stops.
I’m fully in that tight mood
Where we can get down, dude.
I’m chilling and I just think
Which will be my first drink?

It’s been some time that I’ve been
Out clubbing with my blue jeans
Which I got down in Poky
Where we did karaoke
Getting lost is no crime
Especially in party time
Bang your glass so they blink
Come on raise your drink.

I’m falling deeper and deeper in love
With my life, that I’ve been dreaming of
There’s just one thing I cannot deny
The most important things are those you can’t buy!

I used to have these lousy times
When I just wrote the saddest rhymes
My fellas gone, my chicks away
But that’s not how it is today.
Now I see life’s way nice
I share it with my fave guys
There is no need to tarry
This will get legendary

All I wanna do tonight
Is blow it up like dynamite
And If I had a buck or two
I’d buy some drinks for all of you.
So come on every one in here
Follow us and make it clear
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
See you on the dance floor.

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