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We ain't Heros

Another day another night,
And I just feel like breaking free.
Another war another fight my last goodbye,
I just wanna flee.
Just one more dream, just one more pill
That’s not the way I wane be
It brings me down, I don’t give in
I try my best, oh don’t you see.

I know, we aint heroes,
But at least we still know
Where we come from
And where we go
We believe
In the things that we say
You’re just some fucked-up
Get out of my way.

I’m sick of you, I’m sick of this
Another thing that I won’t miss.
It’s easy to ignore that mess,
The world loses its consciousness
No need to act, no need to pray
Think all that shit’s so far away
But I know, in reality,
It’s closer than you fool can see.

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